My experience of Wing Chun so far and from watching others in class has shown me that self discipline is a huge part of it if you want to progress. It’s teaching me a lot about the way I react to different situations and pressures, not just physically but mentally as well as  in day to day situations and stresses that I encounter. I don’t know a great deal about other martial arts but for me Wing Chun is a modest and honest form. It’s  unassuming. The speed at which it can be carried out means there’s no time to try and look cool or show off and that’s completely not what it’s about! The pressure that you’re put under doesn’t always allow you to consciously think about how you’re going to react to certain situations. Your body makes a decision for you based on the pressures that it receives and it chooses the best response for you before you have a chance to think about it and for me this is an honest expression. Even with just the basic things that I’m being taught in class, when something falls into place it’s often when I’ve stopped thinking about it and there’s less going on in my head! My body just reacts based on what I’ve learnt.

Margarita S
New to Martial Arts

I had been searching a while for a new martial art to try, having trained in karate for years I needed to try something new. Seeing the website and the offer of 2 classes free trial, I had to give it a go. It didn’t take long for me to notice how relaxed and informative the lessons are. It’s taking time to get used to a different style, but I consider it an extension and improvement to what I already know. It has a friendly atmosphere with teachers who have an approachable manner which is very important for anyone new to the sport. Always looking forward to the next class!

Deirdre Q
Previous Martial Arts Experience

I have been involved in martial arts for a very long time, the main styles I have trained in are karate, judo, a different Kung Fu style, tai chi and ninjutsu, I have tried a few others as well. During my time I have come across some very good teachers and thank them for what I have learnt. I have also come across some really bad ones. As I progressed through my training I changed styles many times to give myself an all round fighting knowledge but also because I always felt deep down something was missing. Club after club, I trained at and even competed at regional events plus entered the British tai chi open. I was struggling to find something that was real, a true art and an instructor I could really look up to. I saw an advert for Surrey Wing Chun and went to the trail lessons. What I found was not one but two instructors that blew me away with their all round knowledge and skill. It was really good to really feel a beginner again instead of ‘yeah, I know this,’ the other aspect is you know you are being trained by people who are so much better than you but humble at the same time. The other students in the class are all very competent yet so very helpful and no egos, everyone in the class just wants to help you get better. I was amazed by this style and Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean. Their knowledge, skill and devotion to the art and their students is higher than I have seen at any club and I have been to many.

Vince E
Previous Martial Arts Experience

I had been interested in learning a martial art for many years but due to a lack of time and money had not been able to fulfil this ambition. Eventually after having moved into the Redhill area I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Surrey Wing Chun website. I showed some of the videos to the other half who also loved the idea of going together. It turned out that not only was there flexibility on training days (not the standard one day a week like some other schools) but the prices were very competitive! Upon attending the first of two free sessions, I knew within about 30 minutes that this was the place for me. Friendly atmosphere, strong tuition and a martial art that would challenge me for years to come.

Howard B
Serving Police Officer / New to Martial Arts

Having previously trained in fencing for a few years, I decided that I wanted to train in something interesting and new. I came across Surrey Wing Chun after looking through various martial arts classes in Reigate and Redhill. I attended the first two free lessons and quickly came to the conclusion that the class was perfect for me; relaxed, friendly and very well taught. The lessons are very informative and there is always help when you need it. I would highly recommend Surrey Wing Chun to anyone who wishes to train themselves in something new or even as a step to an improved, healthier lifestyle.

Sam F
New to Martial Arts

I was quite apprehensive about joining at first, being a complete novice and thinking that it might be quite an aggressive environment but I was immediately put at ease and found the club to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. I enjoy feeling challenged by something, especially when the teachers and other students are so supportive. I think it’s particularly appropriate for women, as Wing Chun really enables you to protect yourself (irrespective of brute strength) and feel more confident when walking alone at night, for example. I also attend as one of a couple and it has been a great thing for us to do together. I would urge anyone just to give it a go and not be nervous about trying it out as it’s really good fun.

Annelise T
New to Martial Arts

I was very proud to study Phor Kune Kung Fu for about 3 yrs, 17yrs ago. Since then I haven’t really been in a position, mentally to want to start Martial Arts again. It was only by chance, about 5 months ago, that I saw an advert in a coffee shop in Reigate, that I considered the option. I checked out the web site and watched some clips and decided to contact. I was invited to have two free lessons – this is when I was aware of how unfit I had become!!! I found the group very welcoming, especially both Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean!! I had found a place where I felt comfortable to train again – I am very proud to be a member of Surrey Wing Chun and try my hardest every time I attend. I have a lot of belief in what I am being taught because I believe both Shifu’s have great knowledge and understanding of the Art in a way which is both humble and wise. I look forward to each lesson and truly feel I have gained, not only physically but more importantly, spiritually and mentally. It is with great thanks that I write this Testimonial!

Anthony C
Martial Artist 3 years

I had been training Wing Chun at another school for 5 years before moving house and have now been at the Surrey Wing Chun school for around 5 months. As with anything, the interpretations and lesson formats vary slightly between the two schools so I started again from the ground up to gain a different perspective and cement my understanding of the basic principles of the art. The two Shifu’s have quite different teaching styles, but they compliment each other very well and both are open, welcoming and happy to explain the detail behind their teachings. Equally, the students are all enthusiastic and clearly enjoy the lessons. I have found the move is really helping to develop my style and fine-tune my movements, and I am thoroughly my enjoying my time here.

Tristian W
Martial Artist 5 Years

I didn’t know what to expect with starting a new Martial Art, but I can honestly say it’s been a great experience and Surrey Wing Chin has a nice welcoming atmosphere. Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean always get the best out of us and pay attention to detail, We train hard and then balance things out with Qi Gong. I would definitely recommend Surrey Wing Chun to anyone who loves Martial Arts.

Charlie H
New to Martial Arts

I have been doing karate in various forms for many years having reached 1st Dan over 10 years ago but due to various back problems I hadn’t been training as much as I would normally like to. About a year ago I “discovered” Wing Chun and the difference it has made has been enormous: I am back in full training with less strain on my back and joints due to the structure and subtleties of the training of the teachers compared to a normal karate class. Highly recommended.

Alan W
Martial Artist 6 Years

I loved joining Surrey Wing Chun, you get to meet incredible people and make new friends, it’s a friendly atmosphere and the teachers are very kind and supportive, they keep you focused and they are very encouraging.

Elizabeth T
New to Martial Arts

I have studied many different martial arts over the past 10 years, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for until a friend introduced me to Wing Chun. Finally I had found a martial art that focused on the practical application of what it was teaching instead of big unnecessary moves which looked great when you were in the safety of the classroom but would be as useful as a chocolate teapot in the real world! I have attended a number of different Wing Chun schools and have seen different styles and ways of teaching but I have been blown away by the passion and dedication that Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean have for their Wing Chun. They explain everything that they teach, which helps you realise the reasons behind what you are learning and develops your overall understanding of Wing Chun. If you’re new to martial arts or someone who is looking to develop their Wing Chun, I would recommend this school to anyone.

Nick M
Serving Police Officer / Martial Artist 10 years

People study lots of different martial arts for lots of different reasons. Some for fitness, some for sport. However, as a fighting martial There are very few styles that come anywhere near the effectiveness of Wing Chun. The training and processes are very different to most styles of martial arts but with some commitment and dedication you will find that you will very soon feel much more confident and capable. Surrey Wing Chun runs friendly and relaxed classes for all abilities and levels. I have trained in many different martial arts, I just wish I had found this first!

Kevin B
Martial Artist 10 Years

Having been involved in martial arts over the years, this is the most effective self defence I have learnt. Other martial arts concentrate on sparring and taking it to competitions. I found that they missed the point, which is to learn to protect yourself! Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean, are extremely nice guys that teach you the art properly. They have built a warm and friendly school which I enjoy being part of. What is nice about the teaching, is the way it is put across. It’s clear and if you don’t understand, Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean are patient. They explain all the techniques, which helps me to visualise how you would use Wing Chun if needed.

Matthew H
Martial Artist 7 Years

The first thing I noticed about the Surrey Wing Chun school was the camaraderie and friendship amongst the students. There is a lot of mutual respect and you feel like you’re joining a welcoming and close knit team. But the real differentiator at Surrey Wing Chun is the dedicated and professional tuition we receive from our Shifu’s – Matt and Dean. Both bring their own style to the class, but share a common dedication to robustly teaching Ip Man’s interpretation of the Wing Chun style. By having two Shifu’s at every session, we learn twice as much and train twice as hard. I’m honoured to be part of this group.

Nik W
New to Martial Arts

In 16 years of being a police officer this is the best self defence training I have seen – it has nothing to do with strength or size. It is useful and practical from day one! It’s also a great workout! Surrey Wing Chun is a friendly, genuinely welcoming environment for people who want to train – there is no machismo, everyone is treated with respect and welcomed by all members of the club. Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean have diverse teaching styles that through chance or design sublimely compliment each other – you will struggle to find two better guys to train you!

Richard H
Serving Police Officer / New to Martial Arts

My partner and I had been looking for something we could do together, to help us keep in shape and give us something interesting to take part in. We found Surrey Wing Chun to be fun to do, as well as a good way to keep fit. Both Shifu Matt & Shifu Dean are very helpful, encouraging and friendly, as are all the students in the class. Having no previous experience of Martial Arts, it’s nice to be in a class with mixed ability, those who are more experienced are quick to offer advice and help, and don’t make you feel uncomfortable or awkward. Both the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and explain both the technical side and how to apply to real life scenarios. We’re really enjoying the experience and learning something new.

Melanie C
New to Martial Arts

When I first contacted Surrey Wing Chun I was nervous as it was my first encounter with martial arts, but I can tell you that that all went away within seconds of stepping through the door. At Surrey Wing Chun, you are always greeted by friendly faces every week and there is no feeling of pressure or egos. Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean are clearly highly skilled in Wing Chun and everything they show feels effective and useful. They have managed to answer every question that I have asked them and explain everything very well. It seems that everything in Wing Chun has an explanation and I find that I’m having a lot of light bulb moments in learning it. The vast majority of the martial art seems so practical / logical when you stand back and think about it, this is why I love it so much. I fell in love with Wing Chun in my first session at Surrey Wing Chun and I encourage all others to give it a try. There is no feeling that you have to be strong / athletic / a specific age. There is the strong feeling that all are welcome at Surrey Wing Chun and I hope to be training with them for many more years.

Thomas M
New to Martial Arts

My criteria for assessing a school are based on how the students interact with each other and how we are guided by our Shifu’s. It’s important that the more advanced students can demonstrate their knowledge by successfully guiding a novice into performing new moves and understand new concepts; this reflects directly on the quality of the Shifu and his style and training. I am older than most students and have seen better days medically, yet I was welcomed in and found that the training is both interesting and fun. It has helped by knowing I was being watched and supported throughout and encouraged. Such that I have always felt good and confident when I left the session and fantastic the next day! The exercise and energy flow that I get from Wing Chun is a far better, more effective and longer lasting method of pain relief that I have ever had. I am waiting for the next session where I know that we will all work hard and learn, the air is charged with anticipation – like in all good schools!

Christopher M
Martial Artist 35 years

The Shifu’s at the Surrey Wing Chun school are a breath of fresh air to the martial arts world. Having previously trained in several martial arts over the years, I find these people are not only consummate professionals in their approach to teaching, but are approachable, which is an added bonus. I am happy to call these people my Shifu’s and more importantly friends. To anyone who is looking to find a martial art system that is not only practical in today’s society, but fun then you will be hard pushed to find a friendlier environment than the Surrey Wing Chun school.

Michael B
Martial Artist 15 Years

The teachers at the Surrey Wing Chun school know all about training for today’s sometimes challenging environments. No one really wants to be involved in an altercation, but unfortunately life often has other ideas. The teachers will show you how to manage such a situation, all through the use of the Wing Chun principles and how to respond appropriately. This particular school takes a step away from the bogged-down sometimes over-traditional attitudes that hamper student’s development of real ability. Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean know the reasons why you want to train, and they want to train you to be good… better equipped, more confident, fitter and happier!

Darren C
Serving Police Officer / Martial Artist 15 Years

I have been passionate about martial arts for most of my life. As a previous practitioner of Shaolin Hung Kuen Kung Fu, Jujitsu and other Wing Tsun schools in the Bromley area, I know how hard it is to find good teachers of genuine martial arts. Shifu Matt and Shifu Dean are friendly and approachable teachers without any ego of their ability. They have a passion to teach the complete system of Wing Chun without hiding any ‘secrets’ or money making agendas. What they teach is not only the most effective self defence but also it is fun and enjoyable to learn. In my previous training of martial arts I was sometimes left wondering whether a technique would really work or not in a situation. But finally, after getting this rare opportunity to learn real Wing Chun; I have a lot of “Ahh, that makes sense” moments.

Jason L
Martial Artist 10 Years

Already doing mixed steel martial arts I wanted a sport or activity that would strengthen my body instead of putting strain on it. In this, Wing Chun is perfect. The course is structured in a way that allows you to work your body, clarify your mind and replenish your energy.
The first part of the class is warm-up and exercise for about 30 minutes. The Tuesday is focused on legs while the Thursday is focused on core (abs) training. All parts of the body are worked out and nicely stretched as it is mainly based on kung fu moves and stances. The second part is the technical part, good execution of the techniques requires perfect concentration. This contributes to clearing your mind and focusing on the “now”. Some techniques and forms can be physical to perform so this part is in the continuity of the workout but more specific. Sometimes, the final part of the class is relaxation and Qiqong. After a good session it is essential to dissipate the tension and release the energy accumulated. This is a privileged time to focus on feeling your energy and balance it. Only 3 weeks in and I can already feel a change. I feel more dynamic, my mind clearer and my vitality brighter. Plus, the two instructors and the other students are really nice! This contributes to making the Wing Chun classes a really good place to have a nice time!

Paul S
Martial Artist 5 Years

The Surrey Wing Chun classes are great; well structured and challenging but still really fun! The atmosphere in the class is warm, relaxed and friendly, and newcomers are made to feel at home in their very first session. Unlike other martial arts schools, you learn each movement and technique thoroughly from the start and only move on once you are ready and have mastered it; it’s not just about moving up belts! The instructors have so much experience under their belts, and between them have studied a wide range of other martial arts, which allows them to be extra informative and realistic in their teaching regarding self defence situations. Wing chun is such a great art to learn for people from all walks of life, to keep fit and healthy and also learn practises like Qi Gong which I’ve felt has helped me in other aspects of my life outside training!

Jessie L
new to Martial Artist

Me and my cousin decided we wanted to try a martial art and had seen that they were teaching Wing Chun nearby. We had never tried a form of Kung-fu so we were eager to try it out. The high standard of teaching mixed with the welcoming atmosphere is what makes this school really stand out. Everyone is looking to help each other improve and reach the highest standard they are capable of, this makes for the perfect training environment!

Nick B
New to Martial Artis

Sifu Matt has exceptional knowledge of the techniques and application of the forms and practices of Wing Chun which he shares openly with his students. His commitment and passion for Wing Chun is inspirational and motivating combined with a very practical and hands-on training approach which will get you up & running fast without compromising technique. Sifu Matt’s insight continuously challenges your thoughts and ideas from different angles which encourages you to think and fully understand why/what you are learning. Just a few hours with Sifu Matt and you will realise he is a “REAL” Sifu who takes pride in his students and is fully dedicated to their progress of Wing Chun at a pace which is suitable to them. This is the way to learn Wing Chun!

John S
Martial Artist 1 Year

I started training in Wing Chun over 9 years ago, and since moving away from the North East, I have searched high and low for a school that teaches effective Wing Chun; both in terms of practical application and the theory that underpins the entire martial art – the science bit that makes it work. Surrey Wing Chun is the open, supportive learning environment that I have been looking for. Wing Chun is a style of kung fu that does not pit strength against strength, but rather relies on superior use of angles and body structure in order to turn an opponent’s strength against themselves. Anyone can do it, and it is common to have a number of “Aha, but of course that works!” moments during class as theories are demonstrated alongside practical applications of attacks and defences. Sifu Matt and Sifu Dean are both very friendly and approachable, with students encouraged to ask questions during exercises in order to help each other develop. The class caters for all levels of ability, from rank beginner to experienced martial artist (whether Wing Chun or not). Beginners are introduced to a number of Wing Chun concepts very quickly, with well explained drills and real-life applications to reinforce learning. More advanced practitioners take part in further applications of the 2nd and 3rd forms, and are also able to train in Chi Sao (sticking hands) to improve their speed and reflexes.

Guanglun W
Martial Artist 9 Years 

I had previously trained at another local Kung Fu school, however, I left because the instructors were only interested in making as much money as they could. This resulted in poor tutoring and subsequently, the standard of my Wing Chun really suffered. A friend recommended Surrey Wing Chun, so I went along for the two free lessons and I was absolutely blown away by how great the classes were, this was how Wing Chun should be! The two things that really stand out are the Shifu’s and the students. The Shifu’s are amazing, they’re extremely passionate and dedicated about their own Wing Chun and this feeds right through to all the students. They’re really nice guys too. The students are equally amazing. Normally in a martial arts school you get a few people with egos, but not here, everyone is so friendly and polite. Everyone helps each other and all the existing students do a wonderful job in making new students welcome. I absolutely love going to the lessons, it’s the highlight of my week and I’ve made some great friends there.

Darren R
Martial Artist 5 Years

First and foremost, Sifu Dean is a warm and genuine person, which comes across in his style of teaching and his attitude towards his students.  He is one of the main reasons my friends and I enjoyed our Kung Fu lessons so much way back when we were just starting to learn the wonders of Wing Chun.  He has a true passion for this beautiful martial art and his enthusiasm to increase his own knowledge and his dedication to progress his own skills are truly inspiring. Even more inspiring is his genuine desire to share this knowledge and skill with those who seek to learn it, and from my own experience with other teachers, this is quite rare in what is often a very politically wrought and secretive art form.  What is also rare in the hierarchical world of Wing Chun is his lack of ego and desire to enforce his superiority over others.  I respect him completely as a teacher, but not because he tells me I should, as others have done in the past, but because he has truly earned it.  Sifu Dean embodies the true spirit of Wing Chun and I consider myself honoured to be his student.

Julie A
Pilates Instructor – 5 Years

I have been going to Surrey Wing Chun for around six months now. As soon as I came I was made very welcomed, not only by Sifu Matt and Sifu Dean but also by the other students. They all take time out of their training to help you. I find the different training styles of the Sifu’s complement each other which brings out the best in their students.

Tim C
New to Martial Arts

I have always had a keen interest in martial arts from an early age, however I didn’t start my martial arts journey until relatively later on in life.  I have practiced two different arts prior to starting Wing Chun.  I can wholeheartedly say that Both Shifu Matt & Shifu Dean are the real deal and practice what they preach.  They have a never ending supply of patience and an abundant passion for the art.  I feel extremely privileged to have met them both and look forward to continuing my martial arts journey with “Surrey Wing Chun”.

Eddie Q
Martial Artist 5 Years

I have been doing karate in various forms for many years having reached 1st Dan over 10 years ago but due to various back problems I hadn’t been training as much as I would normally like to. About a year ago I “discovered” Wing Chun and the difference it has made has been enormous: I am back in full training with less strain on my back and joints due to the structure and subtleties of the training of the teachers compared to a normal karate class. Highly recommended.

Alan W
Martial Artist 6 Years

The first thing I noticed about the Surrey Wing Chun school was the camaraderie and friendship amongst the students. There is a lot of mutual respect and you feel like you’re joining a welcoming and close knit team. But the real differentiator at Surrey Wing Chun is the dedicated and professional tuition we receive from our Sifus – Matt and Dean. Both bring their own style to the class, but share a common dedication to robustly teaching Ip Man’s interpretation of the Wing Chun style. By having two Sifus at every session we learn twice as much and train twice as hard. I’m honoured to be part of this group.

Nik W
New to Martial Arts

I can highly recommend Surrey Wing Chun to anyone interested in developing their martial skills. A relaxed friendly teaching enviroment, committed enthuiastic teachers and superior techniques combine to provide a fast track to developing practical and advanced abilities.

Mark S
Kung Fu Practitioner & Teacher – 30 Years

I was new to Wing Chun and Martial Arts but thought that it could be a fun and interesting challenge. I wanted to enjoy a different type of exercise and learn a new skill at the same time. The classes at Surrey Wing Chun have met my expectations and more! Each class typically covers a challenging range of exercises and stretches, striking practice with pads and the finer skills and philosophy of the Art. Wing Chun is a great way to train and a real test for anyone to try and master.

Ricky M
New to Martial Arts

When I started training at Surrey Wing Chun, I found a friendly, real and dedicated group of all ages from all walks of life working at learning this fascinating martial art. The school is one that is both relaxed and completely authentic with a commitment to helping each individual achieve their best. It has been great to find classes that manage to balance fun in training with complete focus on the art. Being treated with respect by Sifu’s, who share knowledge openingly, has made me proud to be part of this fast growing and dynamic club”

Glenn W
New to Martial Arts

“Amazing instructors and amazing dedicated students – have enjoyed training with you all and learning so much in such a short space of time – hope to be back! Shifus Matt and Dean are the real deal – dedicated 200% to Wing Chun and martial arts and teaching and trying to bring out of the best of their students and pass on their knowledge every time they train. No hidden agendas, egos and financial motives like other places – it’s truly the place to be to learn and be the best that you can be taught by truly humble and great teachers.”

Jonathan L
New to Martial Arts