Train Martial Arts with Surrey Wing Chun

At Surrey Wing Chun we focus on the Mental and Physical Health of each student guiding them through the journey of learning the Martial Art once trained by Bruce Lee.

In a time where social media and digital devices have taken over our lives it is now even more important to focus on training the mind, body and spirit.

Training Martial Arts will help you gain confidence and self awareness and give you the skills to defend yourself and help others who are unable to do so.

At Surrey Wing Chun we provide a friendly and safe learning environment with 2 professional instructors who will help you develop your physical and mental strength.

Martial Arts is an excellent way to get fit and lose weight whilst still having fun surrounded by positive people from all walks of life.

Surrey Wing Chun teaches the full art of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Qi Gong, Fa-Jing and Chin Na within its scheduled classes and delivers the syllabus in a structured manner throughout the year. This gives every student the opportunity to learn the Martial Art.

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