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GDPR (general data protection regulation)

Surrey Wing Chun (Ltd)


GDPR (general data protection regulation) came into force in the UK in May of 2018 and replaced what was the Data Protection Act. GDPR requirements mean all businesses, regardless of their size, must comply with the new regulations. This includes a privacy statement freely available to anyone that wishes to see it. Our statement is below. Any questions that relate to your data, or how we store or process this, should be directed to the club owners.


Surrey Wing Chun (SWC) is a small business based in Surrey UK. We are not owned by or affiliated with any other club.

SWC will collect and process personal data of its members (members of the club who participate in Wing Chun Kung Fu activities) solely for the purpose of providing Martial Arts training facilities that have been requested by way of attending and agreeing to membership of the club.

In the event of a breach of the Law, your details will be provided to the relevant law enforcement agencies. However this is only in extreme circumstances and only with regards to the protection of our members or the public.

SWC will never sell or share any of your details, to anyone, for any reason other than those stated above.

SWC store all of your details on a secured computed device that is password protected. Access to this data is limited to the club owners or an appointed person. Paper copies of forms provided are also stored in the Club’s registered address, using a locked storage facility. Access to this is restricted to the club owner.

Some members may on their own initiative keep member names, address, emails, etc., with the purpose of keeping in touch with them, though primarily to communicate about upcoming events at SWC. We fully understand the reasons for individual retaining member details and including them on, for example, a WhatsApp group or other social media site, however, those individual must avoid a breach of the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) concerning the protection of individuals’ private details, and in general, protecting their rights to privacy.

Each member must ask permission of each member to be included on any Social Media platform for general communications; individuals must never share other member’s details or information without their consent.

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Covid 19 Class Risk Assessment


The SWC recognises that all risks cannot be reduced to zero; therefore this risk assessment prioritises the significant risks in line with Government Guidance. For all activities, Instructors will dynamically assess risks and put in place control measures and record as required. Concerns, changes in risk management practice that are seen by Instructors to be significant should be reported to


This Risk Assessment should be read in conjunction with SWC Health & Safety Policy, and our Risk Assessments (as appropriate) and the latest Government Guidance

As a result of COVID-19,the SWC has produced this Risk Assessment to help our Clubs comply with the Government Guidelines. It is important to understand that these measures are taken in a bid to minimise the risk of COVID-19 being passed between participants whilst Training. SWC and our Clubs will do their upmost to provide a safe environment but take no responsibility for members who contract COVID-19, however contracted. The responsibility for a safe training environment is shared between the Instructors and the members. Members must make their own risk assessment as to where, when or whether they will train. Members have the responsibility to NOT train or attend the class if they have any symptoms that may be in anyway related to COVID-19. Furthermore, if they have had contact with anyone who has, or is suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 virus they must NOT train and should follow government guidelines on isolation, timescales etc.

The responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of those under 18 years of age is with the parent/guardian. Please note that this risk assessment is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive – other risks may emerge. SWC will continue to work within the latest Government guidelines and therefore this risk assessment will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Significant Risks People at Risk Measures to reduce risk Review
Infection transmission via airborne or physical contact. Whilst changing/showering ALL Member should arrive and leave in a freshly laundered clothing and shower at home. Many venues

Shower facilities are closed

Infection transmission via airborne & physical transmission


ALL Wear face masks & gloves when travelling to/from, entry/exit of the venue


Infection transmission by physical contact ALL Hand wash facilities at venue/ encourage members to bring hand sanitiser – pre-entry and exit from the venue


Infection transmission by physical contact with surfaces ALL Avoid contact with door handles etc if possible. Wear gloves. Wash hands/hand sanitiser gel


Spectators attending with members.


ALL No spectators permitted at this time.


Infection transmission by

physical contact whilst


ALL No physical contact. Maintain physical separation in line with Government guidelines. Limit training time when members face each other. See Training Guidelines for COVID-19


First Aid – Injury

requiring medical

treatment, and/or

hospital visit.

ALL Ensure you have a qualified First Aider present. Review First Aid Procedures in line with the COVID-19 restrictions and precautions. Assistance from the Sports Centre. (if available)


Venue size affects social distancing ALL Max Class Capacity 14, Average class size 10 to 12


Class capacity reduced to ensure social distancing ALL Maintain 2m in all directions when training




Students arriving at the venue ALL Each student enters the venue via the designated entry door, cleans their hands with Sanitiser on arrival.


Students leaving venue ALL Each student cleans their hands with Sanitiser on leaving and takes all their possessions with them. Students leave immediately via designated exit.


Instructors leaving / closing venue ALL Instructors will cleans their hands with Sanitiser on leaving.


Instructors will sanitise all door handles / push bars etc prior to locking up.


Register (for track and trace) ALL All students on arrival (after use of sanitiser) will go to an instructor who will then be scanned in on our attendance register for track and trace purposes.


NB – should it come to light any student showing symptoms of Covid 19, then the instructors will contact all students who have trained with that student and request they obtain immediate medical advice from their health care practitioner (GP etc)


Procedures to follow should a Student / Instructor report that they are showing Covid 19 symptoms during a session ALL The person affected will immediately put a mask on and move to the foyer to keep away from the other students.


Arrangements will be made for a family member/friend to collect the person asap if they are not able to get themselves home.


The session will be cancelled and all other students will vacate the premises, via the Hall fire exit at the far end of the Hall.


Venue management will be advised so that the premises can remain closed for 72 hours.


Attendees will be provided to the venue management for track and trace purposes.



Training Guidelines for COVID-19

Please see below basic training guidelines. These may be modified as we have more information and/or government guidelines change. Members should make the Club Instructors aware of any underlying medical condition which may be adversely affect by COVID19. These are all subject to guidance put in place by the Sports Centre/ Venue Management.

Training Routine Guidance


Instructors Instructors will have no physical contact with any of the training participants or attendees. Follow Government guidelines regarding distance between you and your students.


Spacing / Calculation of venue capacity


Utilise the full floor area of the venue to achieve the required separation. Follow Government guidelines. Do not exceed capacity. Work with Sports Centre /Venue Management
Warm Up and Stretch


To be performed such that the recommended separation is maintained.


Forms To be performed such that the recommended separation is maintained.


Sparring and Drills


No physical contact. Distance between partners should be in line with Government guidelines


Cleaning and Sanitisation


If a student does make contact with instructor or other student they must use sanitiser on hands and area affected.


Use of Kiai


In Wing Chun we do not use Kiai (type of power shouting) however students will be reminded not to do so, some students do cross train in other martial arts.


This is to prevent droplets ejected to the atmosphere.


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Gradings – Great Work Everyone!

Hi All, just a few words regarding our recent gradings, students tested for 2nd Foundation and 6th Intermediate levels did fantastically well, great determination and focus demonstrated by all, we are proud of each and every one of you!

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Visitors Welcome

We encourage students of all capabilities from other Wing Chun lineages and other Martial Art styles to visit our schools, we enjoy exchanging knowledge. The only rule is, you must train if you visit, no spectators allowed!

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Third Grade Tests

Well done to all those students who passed their FG3 level test, superb effort, well done!

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Shaolin Sunday – Twitter

Hi All, follow us on FaceBook and Twitter and you will receive our Shaolin Sunday posts and tweets, each one demonstrating a Qi Gong pose or another traditional training technique, enjoy!

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Social Media – keeping up to date!

Hi Everyone, you can keep up to date using our regularly updated social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, theres a lot going on so follow us and enjoy the extra training tips etc.

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Plenty of Sparring

Hi Everyone, there are plenty of new sparring videos on our YouTube channel, really can see how well our students are developing. Visit our Surrey Wing Chun YouTube channel, subscribe and like the videos that appeal you! have a great weekend!

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Happy New Year – New Year Resolutions

What is your New Years resolution? Ours at Surrey Wing Chun is to make our schools even better than they already are, we are currently updating our syllabus and to exploring ways to improve the overall experience for our dedicated students. Not a student of Martial Arts yet? well why not contact us today to book your two free trial lessons, you will not be disappointed!

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Holiday Training

Seasons greetings everyone, now is a great time to keep practicing your Kung Fu to help you stay in shape and maintain your skills. If you are not currently training, why not come along and check us out, two free trial lessons are available!

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