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Shaolin Sunday – Twitter

Hi All, follow us on FaceBook and Twitter and you will receive our Shaolin Sunday posts and tweets, each one demonstrating a Qi Gong pose or another traditional training technique, enjoy!

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Social Media – keeping up to date!

Hi Everyone, you can keep up to date using our regularly updated social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, theres a lot going on so follow us and enjoy the extra training tips etc.

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Plenty of Sparring

Hi Everyone, there are plenty of new sparring videos on our YouTube channel, really can see how well our students are developing. Visit our Surrey Wing Chun YouTube channel, subscribe and like the videos that appeal you! have a great weekend!

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Happy New Year – New Year Resolutions

What is your New Years resolution? Ours at Surrey Wing Chun is to make our schools even better than they already are, we are currently updating our syllabus and to exploring ways to improve the overall experience for our dedicated students. Not a student of Martial Arts yet? well why not contact us today to book your two free trial lessons, you will not be disappointed!

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Holiday Training

Seasons greetings everyone, now is a great time to keep practicing your Kung Fu to help you stay in shape and maintain your skills. If you are not currently training, why not come along and check us out, two free trial lessons are available!

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Follow us on Social Media

Hi All, do not forget to follow us on Twitter @surreywingchun and @siulamwingchun for regular updates and cool training videos, also remember we have over 100 training videos on our Surrey Wing Chun YouTube channel! Plenty of training ideas to keep you motivated!

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Another FG 1 Great Grading

well done to our two Foundation Grade 1 students who recently passed their grading, it was a long tough grading but the came out on top, remember we do not give our grades away easily at Surrey Wing Chun UK, you have to earn them!

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Keep Training!

Hi Guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend, take time to train your Wing Chun Kung Fu balancing this with some Qi Gong and Meditation! Keep fit and healthy.

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Grade 1 grading results

We are proud to say that the recent gradings of our foundation grade 1 students was a huge success, all knowing their Wing Chun Kung Fu practical and theory really well for their level, well done everyone!

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Intermediate Grading – Update

We are pleased to say that all students who recently graded, passed with flying colours, great effort and knowledge  was demonstrated in both the physical and theoretical aspects of the grading, well done all! If you live in the area why not come and visit Surrey Wing Chun UK.

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