Surrey Wing Chun (Ltd)


GDPR (general data protection regulation) came into force in the UK in May of 2018 and replaced what was the Data Protection Act. GDPR requirements mean all businesses, regardless of their size, must comply with the new regulations. This includes a privacy statement freely available to anyone that wishes to see it. Our statement is below. Any questions that relate to your data, or how we store or process this, should be directed to the club owners.


Surrey Wing Chun (SWC) is a small business based in Surrey UK. We are not owned by or affiliated with any other club.

SWC will collect and process personal data of its members (members of the club who participate in Wing Chun Kung Fu activities) solely for the purpose of providing Martial Arts training facilities that have been requested by way of attending and agreeing to membership of the club.

In the event of a breach of the Law, your details will be provided to the relevant law enforcement agencies. However this is only in extreme circumstances and only with regards to the protection of our members or the public.

SWC will never sell or share any of your details, to anyone, for any reason other than those stated above.

SWC store all of your details on a secured computed device that is password protected. Access to this data is limited to the club owners or an appointed person. Paper copies of forms provided are also stored in the Club’s registered address, using a locked storage facility. Access to this is restricted to the club owner.

Some members may on their own initiative keep member names, address, emails, etc., with the purpose of keeping in touch with them, though primarily to communicate about upcoming events at SWC. We fully understand the reasons for individual retaining member details and including them on, for example, a WhatsApp group or other social media site, however, those individual must avoid a breach of the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) concerning the protection of individuals’ private details, and in general, protecting their rights to privacy.

Each member must ask permission of each member to be included on any Social Media platform for general communications; individuals must never share other member’s details or information without their consent.