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Bad weather not stopping us!

Was really great to see the students braving the snow and the freezing winds to come to their Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons last week, such dedication is inspirational! Come and check us out for yourselves!

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Inspirational Students

Often students look to teachers for inspiration and motivation, however when the teacher looks at his students enthusiastically training hard and mentally trying to comprehend the theory of the system, it motivates the teacher to improve also. If you are a teacher then do not forget to notice your students enthusiasm for it is very motivational!

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New Comers Welcome!

Welcome to our new students who started this week, its great to see you having a good time and are training hard, keep up the good work. If you are interested in Kung Fu, please arrange your two free trial lessons at Surrey Wing Chun UK.

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School App

We are very happy that our students are finding our new School App helpful to them, especially the home tuition section allowing them to improve their skills at home. If you have not downloaded our App yet search Siu Lam Wing Chun Organisation on Apple Store and Play Store for more details! Enjoy.

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Student Development – Home Training

Hi Guys, this weeks home training exercise has been uploaded on our new Surrey Wing Chun App within the “Student Development” section to assist your development. Check out the App regularly so you do not miss out, train hard!

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Great to see!

Well done those students who have maintained their regular training, even when dealing with illness and managing other injuries, your determination and efforts are not unnoticed and we are sure inspirational to the other students! FANTASTIC!

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Training and Sparring Hard

Hi All, we train so hard at Surrey Wing Chun uk that even the Shifu’s get a knock now and again during hard sparring! A good Shifu should not just sit around talking, but should be prepared to spar and push themselves to improve too! Check our YouTube page for more action!!!!!!

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It is always great to welcome new students in our schools, we only recruit new students occasionally, this is because we want to give as much attention to all our students not just the new ones!

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Senior Gradings

This week started the grading for our senior students, so far so good, however more hard work to follow next week, check out our YouTube channel for all the latest highlights!

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Well Done – Grading

Congratulations to all our students who recently took the very rigorous 4th Level Foundation grading, completing four separate sessions, check out our YouTube channel to see for yourself how good they are! You want to learn realistic practical Wing Chun, come check us out!!!

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